Rare Attacktix started life as the mid-tier of figures in terms of availability. For each of the first three waves of Star Wars figures there were 10 rares(with SW2 as the exception with 9 rares and one extra common),5 commons, and 15 super rares. This made rares a in-between of the troop builder commons and 'hero' super-rares. For the most part rares consisted of heavy infantry (SW2/10 Neimodian Captain,SW29/ Clone Captain) and 'heroes' simply not as strong as super rares (SW1/10 Bail Organa, SW2/15 Jango Fett).

Starting with TF1 and SW2 rares replaced commons as the boosters shifted to two figures a booster. This has been met with some animosity, as the normal troop builder rank has seen the likes of such named characters as Wicket, Rodimus, and even Spider-man. Each line has taken rares in a different way since the fall of commons. Starting with SW5 the SW lines' rares are all nameless troop builders, like the commons before them. Marvel rares are all named super-heroes worth less points or with weaker attack or special (with the exception of M2's Sheild Agent who is not a named super-hero). Transformers, the universe lacking in the troop-builder characters the SW line excels in has opted to meet it an Marvel half-way with four troopers and two named characters in both TF1 and TF2.

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