A place to put up and organize house rules or variations on game play not acceptable within the standard Tournament Rules


A popular variation of TF game play is to adapt the Transform ability (a reformatting of the Recruit special) to put the figure recruited in the spot that the figure doing the recruiting was defeated instead of the starting line.

Another variation is to place the Figure that was defeated into you back-ups, allowing the figure to transform more than once in a game.

Unlimited Back-upsEdit

In this variation of Attacktix, one is allowed as many figures as one wants in their back-ups. This allows for multiple Transform loops, recruits, and several targets for Mystique to snatch.


Another often seen variation is played with terrain. I personally use anything from upturned flower pots to empty juice cartons.

Set upEdit

You and your opponent take turns in choosing a piece of terrain from a "terrain pool" and placing it on the battle field.


If a piece of terrain is knocked over then it stays where it is, if it falls off the table then it is eliminated. If a piece of terrain is struck and knocks over a figure then the figure is defeated.

Figures may attack terrain as if it were a figure.

Iron ManEdit

(not the Marvel character, but a style of play)

Whenever a figure is sent to the defeated pile, it is immediately destroyed by the most brutal way imaginable. Open flame, shotgun, hammer, tactical nuclear device, any and all ways of destroying the figure are allowed. This forces players to seriously consider what figures they are using because they know that every time one falls, they may never see it again.

Another variant (Aluminum Man?) of this plays in a similar way, except that figures that are defeated are donated to a charity of the winner's or event organizer's choice. Thus, the toys are preserved, but their crushing loss is still felt by the participants.

Pink SlipsEdit

Each player selects one figure that is on their squad. The loser of the match gives the victor the selected figure.

Pink Slips (Opponent's Choice)Edit

Each player selects one figure that is on their opponent's squad. The loser of the match gives the victor the selected figure.

Booster Draft (4 players)Edit

A simple variant, all players sit in a circle with a total of two boosters per player set in the middle. In turn, one player opens up two booster packs, selects a figure, and passes the remainder to his left. This continues around the circle until there are no figures remaining. Then, the last person to select a figure opens another two packs, selects a figure, and passes the remainder to his RIGHT. After all figures have been selected from this set, this two-step loop is then repeated with the figure movement going from left to right with each successive set of open boosters until all the boosters have been opened. Once this has been accomplished, players use the four figures they have drafted for the tournament.

Does Luke Skywalker by any other name smell so sweet?Edit

Based on the theory that characters keep their identity no matter what they're dressed in. This is an errata on Luke as Stormtrooper and Han Solo as Stormtrooper both count as "Luke Skywalker" and "Han Solo" for the purpose of special powers, effects, and every other game occurrence in which these names appear. Another set of figures errata-ed by this rule are the "Vehicle modes" of Skyblast, Super Optimus Prime, and Megatron. The "Robot modes" of these character's powers specifically state that they bring "So-and-so Vehicle mode" into play. For all intents and purposes, the "Vehicle modes" of any and all Transformers are considered to have "Vehicle mode" at the end of their name.


Each time a figure is defeated, the person whose figure was killed must take a shot of 80-proof liquor. Best in 100 point games.

Protect the Leader!Edit


Each player builds a 100-point team with 400 points of backups. They then add in any Leader figure. That figure may not attack under any circumstances during this game but, if the character has a speed lower than 12, it has a speed of 12. Also, the figure's special power is now considered to read "Rescue: Any".


Gameplay is as normal except for the following: 1. The aim of the game is to send the opponent's Leader to the defeated pile AND then defeat all of his/her remaining figures. When this happens, you win the game. 2. Whenever a player has only thirty points worth of figures left inplay (not counting their Leader), they may place up to seventy points worth of back-ups on their starting line.

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