Overview Edit

A possessor is a figure that grabs onto and takes control of another figure using an attack option. Thus far the only Possessor figure is SW S1's Emporer, who is also the first Attacktix effect figure (abeit not having the 'effect' sticker or base found in later series). As long as the Possessor is attached to an opponent's figure, the possesor's owner is in control of that figure. Though the Emporer can be used effectivly against Megas, he often unbalances figures (Though he is also able to stregthen others)to the point of making them much weaker. To this extent the Possesor can act as a suicide runner, grabbing an opponent's powerful figure without risking an outright attack. If used to this extent, it no longer becomes important as to how much easier the possesed figure becomes to knock down.