The Rebels are the band of brothers that joined together to overthrow the evil Empire that held the galaxy i

Luke Skywalker joins the Rebellion after tragedy befells his adoptive parents and fights the Empire with his in-training Jedi skills.

n its clutches. The Rebels first appear in Star Wars Episode IV, in which we watch Luke Skywalker and a few other pilots fly their crafts in a successful attempt to annihilate the Empire's Death Star. The Rebels appear again in Star Wars Episode V where the Empire retaliates to the Death Star's destruction. This leaves Luke losing a hand and Han Solo frozen in carbonite. In Star Wars Episode VI, the Empire has re-created the Death Star and included a shield generator, which the Rebels must destroy. While Han Solo and Princess Leia work to destroy the shield generator on the nearby moon of Endor, Rebel Leaders Lando Calrissian and Admiral Ackbar take other Rebels to the second Death Star to destroy it. Luke also goes to the Death Star to turn his father (Darth Vader) back to the Light Side. After Luke's victory over Darth Vader, The Emperor, seeing that Vader was defeated, attacks Luke. Vader, hearing Luke's cries for help, has a change of heart, saves Luke, and kills the Emperor. As a result of the Force Lightning, Vader is injured and is dies. Shortly after, the Rebels destroy the shield generator and the Death Star.

The Rebel faction was first introduced in with Series 2 with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2, and Princess Leia. Since then, it has expanded to contain many more figures, such as C-3PO and Admiral Ackbar.

List of Rebel Figures Edit

SW2/14 Princess Leia

SW2/21 R2-D2

SW2/23 Chewbacca

SW2/28 Han Solo

SW2/29 Luke Skywalker

SW3/4 Rebel Trooper

SW3/5 X-Wing Pilot

SW3/12 Captain Antilles

SW3/14 Princess Leia

SW3/15 Chewbacca

SW3/20 Obi-Wan Kenobi

SW3/21 Luke Skywalker

SW3/22 Han Solo

SW3/25 C-3PO

SW3/26 Biggs Darklighter

SW3/27 Wedge

SW3/28 Luke as Stormtrooper

SW3/29 Han Solo as Stormtrooper

SW3/31 Luke Skywalker

SW3/33 Captain Antilles

SW4/2 Endor Scout

SW4/12 Han Solo

SW4/13 Luke Skywalker

SW4/14 Admiral Ackbar

SW4/18 Princess Leia

SW4/19 Chewbacca

SW4/20 Han Solo

SVT/3 Luke Skywalker

SW5/1 Hoth Soldier

SW5/8 Luke Skywalker

SW5/13 Red Leader

SW5/19 Han Solo On Hoth

SW5/22 Chewbacca

SW5/24 Luke skywalker

T/7 Luke Skywalker

T/8 Han Solo