Recover is considered by many to be Attacktix's most beneficial special power. Figures with Recover, when they are defeated and their Attacktix window is white, may be stood back up in the spot they were defeated at.

Special Power WordingEdit

Generally speaking, Recover is worded as follows with X being a condition like said figure being a Trooper or Warrior:

Stand up this figure if you have a X in play

Who has RecoverEdit

Eventually, this will contain a list of every figure that possesses the Recover special power.

Strategies for using RecoverEdit

Eventually, this will contain various strategies that help maximize the effects of the Attackback special power.

Strategies for countering RecoverEdit

First off, try to take out any figures that may support the figure with Recover before defeating it. For instance, S2 Starter Kenobi has Recover if you have a Trooper in play. So by eliminating all of your opponent's Troopers first, you can then take out Obi-Wan without worrying about him standing back up.

Controversy Edit

There is a small amount of controversy as to what happens if your Recover figure is knocked off the playing arena and turns up white, as he/she would be out of bounds and essentially defeated yet supposed to stand up. Some players set the figure back off at the edge of the arena where he/she fell off, while others declare that even though the figure is supposed to stand back up it cannot in an out-of bounds area and is thusly defeated. No official ruling has been declared on this as of yet, so players go by house rules.

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