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Sinister Syndicate

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Slime Blast

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Venom is one of the main opponent's of Spider-Man. Created by the twisted fusion of an alien symbiote that Peter Parker once played host to and a former Daily Bugle employee, Eddie Brock, Venom seemingly has a single goal: Kill Spider-Man.

Figure at a GlanceEdit

Venom is a medium based Warrior of the Sinister Syndicate faction. At a cost of 20 points, he comes with a Slime blast launching attack and a speed of 6 tix. His special power is Vanquish at 46%.

Figure DetailsEdit

Venom is well-known as having an immensely powerful slime blast attack, however it has been reported that some Venom's actually have a weaker-than-average missile so each individual Venom's mileage may vary. One issues with Venom's attack is the fact that he cannot aim up or down due to his pose. If one wishes to aim slightly higher than average, it is possible to rotate Venom at the waist, causing his angle of attack to rise ever so slightly.

Venom is also known for having very strong defense against opposing missiles due to his crouched posture and low center of gravity. He can also survive non-power strikes on occasion but any competent striker should be able to take Venom out with ease.

Venom's power, Vanquish, allows him to remove a figure from your opponent's defeated pile so that figure cannot be Rallied back into play. If Venom is able to accomplish this, he is also stood back up (exactly like the Recover power). One key aspect of Venom is that his power is completely null if there are no figures in the opponent's defeated pile. However, as long as there are, Venom can stand back up even if he is the only figure remaining on his squad.

In all, Venom is considered a very powerful Attacktix figure and one that most fans of the game should own.

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