General Grievous
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Star Wars

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Super Rare

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Droid Army

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Heavy Missile

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Droid Army

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"Crush them! Make them suffer!"
General Grievous

Overview Edit

General Grievous was the leader of the Separatist forces during the Clone Wars, second only to Count Dooku. The first Attacktix figure of Grievous is one of the most acclaimed in the history of the game, with both great faction support, attack he is still a force to be reckoned with despite further incarnations (see Trivia). He is in the Droid Army Faction.

General Grievous was the first figure to feature a unique missile (something that would become quite common with Marvel Series figures), a grappling hook. Regarded as one of the most powerful shots in the game from the get go, and into today, Grievous is capable of taking out nearly any figure in the game. He has a 50% 2x Attackback for Droid Army figures and receives a free attack from both SW1-13 Grievous Bodyguard (by name) and SW2-06 Greivous Bodyguard SW2-06 Grievous Bodyguard(by being a Droid Army launcher figure).

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of four General Grievous Attacktix figures, the others being the all silver repaint T1-03, SW2-24 striker Grievous (new mold), and SW2-24 starter Grievous (same mold as S1, reputed to be one of the greatest starter sets available as it included hard to find Grievous with an incredibly powerful Obi-Wan Kenobi. It was themed to the Battle of Utapau).
  • It is not known how many of the all silver T1-03 Grievous' were made. They were handed out in blind packages to tournament winners in the early days of Attacktix. Unique to this Tournament figure is the fact that his stats are changed twice, his point cost is lowered to 20 but speed is also lowered to 4.
  • General Grievous was one of only four Captain figures in Series 1, forcing players to use him, Commander Gree, Clone Lieutenant, or Clone Sergeant if they wished to take advantage of an opponent's Anakin Skywalker's special power.
  • Though Greivous does use a grappling hook in Revenge of the Sith, he never uses it to attack anyone in the movie. SW4-18 Princess Leia featured a grappling hook reminiscent of the deck gun she used in Return of the Jedi to attack people, but this attack was hampered by a string restricting the missile's range.

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