Destroyer Droid
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Star Wars

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Super Rare

Figure stats
Universe class

Droid Army

Attacktix class


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Attack type

Small missile launcher x2

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Special power


Figures required

Droid Army figure

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Effect info

"They're no match for droidekas!"
―Rune Haako


This was a new sculpt for Series 2 that introduced the concepts of non-Mega figures with multiple attacks and the notion of multiple independent attacks. Its only points or articulation are on the "elbows" of its launcher arms. As befits its hardiness in the Star Wars universe, the Destroyer Droid's sculpt is notoriously sturdy. Its tripod stance on its base gives it a stable base that is resistant to launcher attacks, and its curved neck can make it difficult for strikers to find purchase on its body.


This figure represents the first non-Mega figure to have multiple attacks. With a small missile loaded in each "arm", the Destroyer Droid can also swivel its launchers to cover the entire playing field with its twin attacks. Thus, each missile can be launched independently of the other, thereby giving an attacker maximum flexibility in laying waste to an opponent's figures.


The only immediate defensive weakness on this figure is its medium base; however, the sturdiness of the sculpt more than makes up for this slight defensive infelicity. However, this figure has a notable weak spot that is vulnerable even to small missile attacks: the small ridged section connecting the top and bottom halves of the figure. To protect this spot, a player can cross the figure's arms in front of that spot. Alternatively, a player may choose to place both small missiles on the surface of the playing field to form a true defensive tripod.


The Destroyer Droid makes a good long-range support Trooper whose multiple launcher attacks can be combined with R2-D2, a cheap Droid Army launcher, Princess Leia, and Luke or Han Solo as Stormtrooper to unleash a flurry of long-range attacks on an opponent on a single turn. It can also be used as a solid shield in front of effects figures like R2-D2 or R2-Q5 to keep them in play.

Tournament useEdit

This figure is a favorite figure to include in backups for squads featuring figures that allow Recruiting a Trooper, particularly if the squad also contains other Droid Army figures that will support the Destroyer Droid's Rescue special power.

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