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Jedi Knight
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"For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi


This figure's sculpt is a repaint of Agen Kolar's body, arms, and legs, with a new head. Notably, it is on the same sized base as Agen Kolar.


The single-handed lightsaber grip that this figure sports can cause problems for some players. It may be helpful to place the Jedi Knight's second hand on the saber, hold the base of the figure and twist it counterclockwise, and then twist the top of the figure clockwise by the saber tip. This method of attack yields a powerful enough strike to send almost any figure across the standard Attacktix playing field.

Alternatively, the free hand may be lowered, allowing the springiness of the saber arm to be used for additional torque in the strike. Though this may be more difficult for novice players to control, it may also yield a bit more power in the strike. The Jedi Knight's strike is not absolutely the most powerful in the game, but it is relatively powerful for a 10 point striker.


The small base limits the figure's defense, but turning the figure so that the saber's tip points toward an opponent's figures minimizes its profile and guards slightly against the base shot. Even a small missile directed toward its chest from approximately 20 Tix away will cause it to topple, though the folds of its robes may absorb shots directed at the lower half of the figure.

An interesting defensive technique has been developed for the Jedi Knight and Royal Guard, in which the hand not holding the saber holds the end of the saber of another Jedi Knight or Royal Guard. This practice effectively more than doubles the base width of the figures so formed, protecting them from launcher attacks. However, they become an easy target for strikers, who can knock the compound figure into other figures with a more devastating effect than can be achieved by striking just one Jedi Knight.


The Jedi Knight can be used in a swarm to overwhelm an opponent with cheap, powerful striking. Because their special power allows any Jedi a free move and attack, they can be teamed with each other nicely, or they can provide good support to other Jedi figures. Because of the offensive power their strike represents, it usually requires multiple knockdowns or appropriate Vengeance special power activations to defeat a team with many Jedi Knights.

Tournament use[]

The Jedi Knight has been spotted frequently in tournament play, particularly on teams weighted toward Jedi. It gives the Jedi a sorely needed 10 point support figure, though its Warrior Attacktix class prevents it from being used as Trooper support for the Obi-Wan Kenobis found in the starter sets for Series 1 and 2. A team of 10 Jedi Knights was used to win the MegaCon 2006 Attacktix tournament.