Princess Leia
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Star Wars

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Super Rare

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Attacktix class


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Stringed harpoon launcher

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"We have... powerful friends. You're going to regret this."
―Princess Leia


Princess Leia's sculpt was completely new for Series 4. Her sculpt is considered one of the racier ones in the Attacktix line, but her large harpoon launcher helped to keep her covered.


Princess Leia's attack is a novel one: she launches a harpoon that is tethered to a string. The harpoon shoots out approximately 8" from the figure and is then stopped mid-flight by a disc tied to the back of the string. This disc may then be pulled back to allow Princess Leia to knock down any figures she can through the rip action of the harpoon.

Unfortunately, the string is too short to allow for attacks on any figures more than 12 Tix away. Furthermore, the rip action of the harpoon is difficult to control, and without good initial aim, it is difficult for her to hook any figures sufficiently well to pull them down. Unless an opponent's figures are within 6 Tix of Princess Leia when she launches her harpoon, she will be unable to knock them down with a conventional shot, as the string will arrest the momentum of the harpoon's flight.


Though the body of her sculpt is solid, her medium base combined with the heft of her harpoon launcher makes her a bit awkwardly balanced. Consequently, a shot to the side of her harpoon launcher is likely to bring her down, and she may be vulnerable to a base shot from a medium or large missile launcher. Her sculpt's heft makes her a prime target for strikers to use as a projectile into other figures.


Princess Leia may be used when a formation of an opponent's figures are drawing near. She can launch her harpoon above and behind them, then use a quick jerk of the disc to knock over a number of figures. However, this presupposes that an opponent would allow his or her figures that close to Leia, in the first place - and that he or she would choose to group those figures, rather than leave them ungrouped.

Tournament useEdit

This figure has been used in only one tournament team to date, and only then because it was a blind booster draft. It was instrumental in ensuring YodaBreaker's loss in the three-way battle royale among the winners of the 100-point "Choose Your Universe" event at TixCon 2007.

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