Each Attacktix figure is allowed a certain number of tix on their turn. A tix is like a measure of movement, each tix equaling approximately one inch. If a figure is allowed 6 tix of movement, for example, the player controlling that figure may move it along the table until six loud "tix" sounds have been made. The number of tix each figure is allowed to move on their turn is shown on their base, next to or on the tix window. In Star Wars Series 1-3, the number is written next to the tix window and the tix window's color changes from red to black or black to red with every tix you move. In Star Wars Series 4-5, Marvel Series 1-2, and Transformers Series 1-2, the number of tix a figure is allowed to move is written on the tix window, and this number may change during a tix. The color of the numbers on these tix windows changes from red to white.

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